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Founding Fathers
Fought for Freedom
Lincoln left legacy:
Liberal life
Ronald Reagan
Recaptured Rights

(Words were read at Reagan Library
June 25, 2013)
Anhthao Bui

Welcome to my space


Dear Visitors,
I wrote my first poem when my father left, so I did not have a chance to listen to his compliment and advice. Now, my book of poetry is publishing, but my father no longer lives and shares with me my bliss. I hope that in heaven, my father would radiantly smile as he wrote in one letter, “You might do something to make your parents pleased and proud of your success.”

Writing is a kind of therapy to release stress and to escape from adversities of life. My friends said that my writing was quite different from my life in reality. However, after reading my work, they questioned, “Was it true?” Smile. “I don’t know.”

My homepage is a web library, which recalls to me my family’s library in childhood with huge books that were the background for my writing future.

I do not have a history of creative writing, but I carry the writing passion and the fever of seeking knowledge on my backbone to dedicate to readers.

Thanks for visiting my corner. Have a good time and enjoy BuiMuse Page.

Anhthao Bui





Fish Sauce

Paperback (6x9)
Anhthao Bui
Lulu Press, Inc.
Fish Sauce is realistic fiction, and Anhthao’s second anthology collection. With her memory, she invites readers to travel with her to Vietnam and go back to the time before and after the pivotal year of 1975. Anhthao also exposes her continuing journey in the United States, from the perspective of a newcomer, throughout nearly 100 short pieces of writing. Fish Sauce is dedicated to Cheri Johnson, Anhthao Bui’s best friend, who is scrutinizing and zealous about Vietnamese culture, tradition, and people.









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